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Local family run business.

Run by Sherrie & Louise Fitzgerald, a mother and daughter partnership, with over 20 years experience in the catering industry.

Their combined efforts in renovating and managing the tea room create a unique environment, where small details and personal touches are evident in the charming decor and rustic surroundings.


The Team

The day-to-day running of the tea room is all down to our hardworking staff. We are proud to have a committed team of individuals who have stayed with us for many years and helped to make the tea room the place that it is today. From opening to closing, our front-of-house staff offer a friendly, professional and polite welcome, whilst our kitchen staff and bakers work hard behind the scenes creating our delicious menu.   


The Estate.

Whitmore Tea Rooms is part of the Whitmore Estate which includes; Whitmore Hall, The Mainwaring Arms, Cudmore Fisheries, Whitmore Parish Church, the neighbouring dairy farm plus much of the surrounding land and village.

For more information on opening times, guided tours of the hall, parklands and lake visit


The Venue.

The tea room building itself is over 150 years old and was originally a coach house with lodgings. In more recent years it has been an art gallery, tea room and fine dining restaurant. Its solid oak beams and lead lined windows continue to attract customers from all over the country and abroad who are drawn by its old world charm and quintessentially English heritage. 

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